Matthew Mandelkern


Roads to necessitarianism (with Daniel Rothschild)
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A counterexample to modus ponenses
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Dynamic non-classicality
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Practical Moore sentences
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What's not to like (with Jacopo Romoli)
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Import-Export and ‘And’
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How to do things with modals
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Talking about worlds
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Modality and expressibility
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What ‘must’ adds
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Against Preservation (with Justin Khoo)
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The case of the missing ‘If’: Accessibility relations in Stalnaker's theory of conditionals
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‘You must! Maybe you won't.’
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     This is a proceedings paper further developed in ‘Practical Moore sentences’

2017. Semantics and Linguistic Theory. 27:504-524. [abstract] [local file]
     This is a proceedings paper further developed in ‘We've discovered projection is asymmetric (and it is!)’

Agentive modals (with Ginger Schultheis and David Boylan)
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Parsing and presuppositions in the calculation of local contexts (with Jacopo Romoli)
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Hierarchical structure and local contexts (with Jacopo Romoli)
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A solution to Karttunen’s Problem
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     This is a proceedings paper further developed in ‘What 'must' adds’

Dissatisfaction theory
2016. Semantics and Linguistic Theory. 26:391-416. [abstract] [local file]

A note on the architecture of presupposition
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I believe I can φ (with Ginger Schultheis and David Boylan)
2015. Proceedings of the 20th Amsterdam Colloquium. 256-265. [abstract] [local file]
     This is a proceedings paper further developed in ‘Agentive modals’

Book chapters

Modals and conditionals
To appear in Linguistics meets philosophy, ed. Daniel Altshuler, Cambridge University Press. [abstract] [local file]

Drafts etc.

2020. Unpublished manuscript. [abstract] [local file]

Eavesdropping: What is it good for? (with Jonathan Phillips)
2020. Unpublished manuscript. [abstract] [local file]

Good guesses (with Kevin Dorst)
2020. Unpublished manuscript. [abstract] [local file]

If p, then p!
2020. Unpublished manuscript. [abstract] [local file]

My 2017 MIT dissertation, Coordination in Conversation, comprised four chapters which have now been published as 'Bounded modality', 'What 'must' adds', 'Modality and expressibility', and 'How to do things with modals'.