Matthew Mandelkern

I am an assistant professor in philosophy at NYU. From 2017-20, I was a Post-Doctoral Research Fellow at All Souls College, Oxford. I received a PhD in philosophy at MIT in 2017.

I work on philosophy of language and its intersections with neighboring fields. For an accessible discussion of some work with Kevin Dorst, check out this blog post on the conjunction fallacy or this one on overconfidence. For publications, see below, Google Scholar, or PhilPeople. Here is my CV.

You can reach me at

Good guesses (with Kevin Dorst)
2022. Philosophy and Phenomenological Research. 105(3):561-618. [abstract] [local file]

Compatibility, compossibility, and epistemic modality (with Wesley H. Holliday)
2022. Proceedings of the 23rd Amsterdam Colloquium. 120-126. [abstract] [local file]

2022. Linguistics and Philosophy. 45:1091-1117. [abstract] [local file]

Assertion is Weak (with Kevin Dorst)
2022. Philosophers' Imprint. 22(19):1-20. [abstract] [local file]

If p, then p!
2021. The Journal of Philosophy. 118(12):645-679. [abstract] [local file]
Reprinted in the 2021 Philosopher's Annual

Practical Moore sentences
2021. Noûs. 55(1):39-61. [abstract] [local file]

Roads to necessitarianism (with Daniel Rothschild)
2021. Journal of Philosophical Logic. 50(1):89-96. [abstract] [local file]

Eavesdropping: What is it good for? (with Jonathan Phillips)
2020. Semantics and Pragmatics. [abstract] [local file]

A counterexample to modus ponenses
2020. The Journal of Philosophy. 117(6):315-331. [abstract] [local file]

Definiteness projection (with Daniel Rothschild)
2020. Natural Language Semantics. 28:77-109. [abstract] [local file]

Dynamic non-classicality
2020. Australasian Journal of Philosophy. 98(2):382-92. [abstract] [local file]

What's not to like (with Jacopo Romoli)
2020. Linguistic Inquiry. 51(4):815-828. [abstract] [local file]

Import-Export and ‘And’
2020. Philosophy and Phenomenological Research. 100(1):118-135. [abstract] [local file]

How to do things with modals
2020. Mind & Language. 35(1):115-138. [abstract] [local file]

We've discovered that projection is asymmetric (and it is!) (with Jérémy Zehr, Jacopo Romoli, and Florian Schwarz)
2020. Linguistics and Philosophy. 43:473-514. [abstract] [local file]

Talking about worlds
2019. Philosophical Perspectives. 32(1):298-325. [abstract] [local file]

Modality and expressibility
2019. Review of Symbolic Logic. 12(4):768-805. [abstract] [local file]

What ‘must’ adds
2019. Linguistics and Philosophy. 42(3):225-266. [abstract] [local file]

Bounded modality
2019. The Philosophical Review. 128(1):1-61. [abstract] [local file]

Against Preservation (with Justin Khoo)
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Triviality results and the relationship between logical and natural languages (with Justin Khoo)
2019. Mind. 128(510):485-526. [abstract] [local file]

Independence day? (with Daniel Rothschild)
2019. Journal of Semantics 36(2):193-210. [abstract] [local file]

The case of the missing ‘If’: Accessibility relations in Stalnaker's theory of conditionals
2018. Semantics and Pragmatics. 11(8). [abstract] [local file]

Sticky situations: Force and quantifier domains (with Jonathan Phillips)
2018. Proceedings of Semantics and Linguistic Theory (SALT) 28. 474-492. [abstract] [local file]

Hurford conditionals (with Jacopo Romoli)
2018. Journal of Semantics 35(2):357-367. [abstract] [local file]

Agentive modals (with Ginger Schultheis and David Boylan)
2017. The Philosophical Review. 126(3):301-343. [abstract] [local file]

Parsing and presuppositions in the calculation of local contexts (with Jacopo Romoli)
2017. Semantics and Pragmatics. 10(17). [abstract] [local file]

A solution to Karttunen’s Problem
2017. Proceedings of Sinn und Bedeutung. 21:827-844. [abstract] [local file]

Hierarchical structure and local contexts (with Jacopo Romoli)
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Dissatisfaction theory
2016. Proceedings of Semantics and Linguistic Theory (SALT) 26. 391-416. [abstract] [local file]

A note on the architecture of presupposition
2016. Semantics and Pragmatics. 9(13):1-24. [abstract] [local file]

I believe I can φ (with Ginger Schultheis and David Boylan)
2015. Proceedings of the 20th Amsterdam Colloquium. 256-265. [abstract] [local file]

Handbook chapters

Trivalence and anaphora
To appear in Handbook on Trivalence, Paul Egré and Lorenzo Rossi (eds.), MIT Press. [abstract] [local file]

Modals and conditionals
2022. Linguistics meets philosophy, Daniel Altshuler (ed.), Cambridge University Press. [abstract] [local file]


Bounds: The dynamics of interpretation
2023. Draft book manuscript. [advanced praise]

Do language models refer? (with Tal Linzen)
2023. [abstract] [archive]

The conjunction fallacy: Confirmation or relevance? (with WooJin Chung, Kevin Dorst, and Salvador Mascarenhas)
2023. [abstract] [archive]

The orthologic of epistemic modals (with Wesley H. Holliday)
2023. [abstract] [archive]

Chance, ability, and control
2023. [abstract] [archive]

Lecture notes

Notes from an ESSLLI course on conditionals taught with David Boylan.

Notes from an ESSLLI course on dynamic semantics taught with Daniel Rothschild.